PGA Instruction

Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club offers PGA Golf Instruction for golfers at all levels of their game. Whether you are an accomplished player or new to the game, our expert staff is on hand to assist you in accomplishing your goals. We customize any individual, group, or playing lessons based on your needs or request.


PGA Professional Staff

shawnShawn Lasher, PGA Director of Golf & TPI Certified · Contact Shawn

Shawn has been a member of the Dove Valley team since 2003, working his way up through the ranks up to Director of Golf. Shawn began his teaching career in 1999 in Minnesota and moved to Arizona after graduating from Iowa State. Shawn was elected to the PGA in May of 2009 and continued his education to become a Certified Professional in Golf Operations. Shawn believes a swing must be tailored to an individual while keeping the motion as simple as possible. Students, as well as some teachers, become too focused on swing mechanics. The golf swing is a fluid motion of body parts working together to achieve the same goal.

By using specific drills modified for each student, Shawn is able to improve shot quality and enjoyment of the game without dwelling on mechanics. By letting go of the physical control of the shot, the student may begin to trust their ability and ultimately reach their maximum potential. Shawn is certified by Titleist for club fitting for irons and woods. Shawn ended the 2009 Southwest Section PGA tournament season ranked 13th in the Section.