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Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club Men's League

The Dove Valley Ranch Men’s League is designed to incorporate fun and fair competition to individuals seeking tournament style play. Events will take place on Saturday mornings with a per-determined Tee Time start.  Starting times will be based on seasonal day light changes. All players will play from the GOLD tees for gross games. We will have modifications to starting tees available with handicap adjustments.  White Tee (subtract 3 strokes from handicap), Black Tee (add 3 strokes to handicap). Guests of Members are only allowed to play 2 times. Anything more than that, they must register with the Men’s League. (Guests do not get to play in the games, other than skins, deuce pot and the MEMBER GUEST.)

Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2021-2022 DVR Men's League Season!

Registration for the Men's League is $100 including the cost GHIN Handicap, or $65 if you have an established handicap for 2022.

 Men's League Schedule of Events

  • October (Cart Path Only):  23rd Low Net/Gross | 30th Low Net/Gross
  • November:  6th Stableford | 20th Low Net/Gross
  • December:  4th Low Net/Gross | 18th Low Net/Gross
  • January:  8th Low Net/Gross | 22nd 2 Man Modified Alternate Shot
  • February:  5th Stableford | 19th Low Net/Gross
  • March:  5th Nassau | 19th Low Net/Gross 
  • April:  2nd Stableford | 23rd Low Net/Gross
  • May: 7th 2 Man U Pick Shamble | 14th Member Guest | 21st Low Net/Gross
  • June:  4th Low Net/Gross | 11th Low Net/Gross | 25th Low Net/Gross
  • July:  9th Low Net/Gross | 16th Beat the Pro | 23rd Low Net/Gross 
  • August:  6th Low Net/Gross | 13th Stableford | 27th and 28th Club Championship
  • September:  10th Nassau | 17th Low Net/Gross

Weekly League Fees

  • October | $74 ($59 league fee, $15 prize fund)
  • November - January 8th | $100 ($85 league fee, $15 prize fund)
  • January 9th - April 15th | $112 ($97 league fee, $15 prize fund)
  • April 16th - May 9th | $100 ($85 league fee, $15 prize fund)
  • May 10th - May 31st | $68 ($53 league fee, $15 prize fund)
  • June - August | $55 ($40 league fee, $15 prize fund)
  • September | $68 ($53 league fee, $15 prize fund)

Dove Valley Ranch Ladies Nine & Wine

We have a wonderful opportunity for women to get together in a social, fun and golfer friendly environment.  Meet new friends that are interested in golf and talk about their day over a glass of wine and appetizers!     Open to women of all ages and abilities.  All events take place on Tuesday Afternoons.  Events will take place on Tuesdays throughout the season.  Shotgun starts will be approximately 2 1/2 hours before sunset, so starting times will vary slightly depending on the time of year.  Pairings will be generated by the golf shop each week a few days prior to the event.   

Registration is NOW OPEN for the Ladies Nine and Wine Season!

Registration for the league is $40 plus the cost of an GHIN handicap, or provide a current GHIN number.

Nine and Wine Schedule of Events

  • November: 9th 4 Person Scramble | 16th 2 Person Best Ball
  • December: 7th Evens | 14th Odds | 28th Low Gross
  • January: 11th 5 Clubs+Putter | 18th 4 Person Best Ball | 25th Low Net
  • February: 1st Putts | 15th 2 Person Alternate Shot | 22rd Low Net
  • March: 8th Odds | 15th Evens | 22nd 4 Person Scramble
  • April: 5th Putts | 12th Low Net | 19th Beat the Pro Scramble

Weekly League Fees

  • November 9th - January 9th | $44 ($39 ladies league fee, $5 prize fund)
  • January 10th - April 10th | $52 ($47 ladies league fee, $5 prize fund)
  • April 11th - April 30th | $44 ($39 ladies league fee, $5 prize fund)

pdfDVR Ladies Nine and Wine Information 2022

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Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club
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